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The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 was passed to prevent American Indian and Alaskan Native children from being unjustly taken away and adopted outside their culture. This federal law governs child custody proceedings. It protects the best interests of indigenous children, safeguards the sovereignty of Tribal Nations, and promotes the stability and security of indigenous families. 

We Want ICWA To Be Well-Respected in Nebraska

Native children and youth in Nebraska are separated from their families, communities and cultures at higher rates than other kids.

Native children are


of Nebraska’s child/youth population.

Native children are


more likely to be placed in foster care than non-Natives.

Native girls are


more likely than other girls to be court-ordered into the state’s juvenile facility. 

Native boys are


overrepresented in the state’s male youth rehabilitation and treatment facility.

Native children are


of the out-of-home youth probation population.

Source: State of Nebraska Foster Care Review Board 2017-2018 Annual Report

ICWA For You

We want ICWA to be respected in Nebraska. ICWA ensures that the rights and culture of Indian children, families and tribes is protected. Here are some top-notch resources that introduce you to the law. Need more help? Contact Us.

I'm a family member of a Native child/youth in Nebraska...
I’m a Nebraska social worker or juvenile justice worker who interacts with Native children/youth...
I’m a supervisor, manager or leader of an organization that works with Native families...
I’m a Nebraska judge or work in the Tribal or Non-Tribal courts system...
I’m a Tribal leader who wants to protect children’s rights and our sovereignty...
I’m a Nebraska state policymaker...

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