Motherhood is Sacred and Fatherhood is Sacred

The curriculum offers participants the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of responsible fatherhood and motherhood as reflected in Native American values and beliefs. There is an immediate need to bring parents back to strengthening families— they are the greatest untapped resource. Fathers and mothers are the solution to the problems that face communities and must take the leading role in keeping their families together!

​NICWC, Inc. is offering virtual Motherhood is Sacred Classes and has an active partnership with the Society of Care and Morning Star Counseling for the Fatherhood is Sacred Program.

MIS and FIS is a curriculum developed by the Native American Fatherhood and Families Foundation (NAFFA).

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Caring For Our Own: Trauma Informed + Strength Based

This is a virtual facilitator certification training that will provide participants with tools and skills needed to implement a kinship support group (virtually and in-person) to help caregivers identify strategies to partner with the child welfare system and support permanency for children in care.

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